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Ministry of Agriculture

Molecular Diagnostics

[image] The application of molecular biology to veterinary diagnostics is a relatively new field with great potential for very sensitive and rapid detection and differentiation of animal pathogens. Accordingly, in 1993, the Molecular Diagnostics section was initiated utilizing laboratory personnel from other sections that had received additional training in biotechnology.

A variety of instruments were purchased including thermocyclers, electrophoresis chambers, transilluminators, hybridization and transblotting equipment among others.

In 1995, the AHC moved to a new facility and the Molecular Diagnostics section was relocated to a suite of rooms especially designed to carry out the very sensitive methods of pathogen amplification and prevention of contamination.

The section has developed or adapted DNA amplification techniques for forty animal, avian, and fish pathogens and continues to research and apply new biotechnological methods and tests to the detection and typing of pathogens important to veterinary diagnostics.


T. Joseph, DVM, PhD, Section Head
J. Bidulka, BSc, Laboratory Scientist
A. Scouras, MSc, Laboratory Scientist
K. Sojonky, BSc, Laboratory Scientist
C. Wiens, MSc, Laboratory Scientist (TSE)