Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Crown Land Restoration Branch

Priority Sites

Priority sites are those that pose the highest potential risk to human health and the environment based on the results of field based studies and application of a risk ranking methodology.

Risk ranking of sites is undertaken annually for the purpose of identifying the highest risk sites.

Britannia Water Treatment Plant.
Pacific Place - False Creek
Midway Mine
Millie Mack Mine
Ocean Falls

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Site Name
Regional Location
Britannia Lower Mainland Mine Ongoing Remediation
Pacific Place Lower Mainland Urban Industrial Ongoing Remediation
Ocean Falls Cariboo Pulp Mill Ongoing Remediation
Bralorne-Takla Omineca Mine Risk Assessment
Midway Kootenays Mine Detailed Site Investigation
Cork Province Kootenays Mine Remediation
Cronin Skeena Mine Detailed Site Investigation
Millie Mack Kootenays Mine Detailed Site Investigation
Mount Copeland Kootenays Mine Remediation
Two Mile Creek Skeena Mine Tailings Remediation