Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Strategic Land Policy and Legislation Branch

About Us

The Strategic Land Policy & Legislation Branch delivers guidance across government for the allocation and administration of Crown land through the development and implementation of strategic and operational policy, legislation and procedures.  The Branch leads the development of broad public policy for Crown land.  We support land and resource use agreements and strategic land and resource planning to ensure optimal use and allocation of Crown land.  Our main responsibilities are to:

  • Set broad direction for strategic Crown land policies which guide land tenure decisions, Crown land sales and operational policies;
  • Coordinate government policy as it affects Crown land administration and management;
  • Lead the development of cross-government policies such as the Community and Institutional Land Use policy;
  • Support strategic engagement activities with First Nations;
  • Provide economic, fiscal, social and environmental analysis in support of good land use policy, planning and allocation;
  • Support land and resource use agreements and strategic land and resource plan development, approval and implementation;
  • Ensure that the legal and regulatory framework governing Crown land is current and effective; and
  • Coordinate legislative and regulatory initiatives concerning Crown Land.