Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Strategic Land Policy and Legislation Branch

Strategic Support for Land Use Planning

Strategic land use planning is the government-led process of defining the collective vision, goals, objectives and strategies for the management and allocation of specific areas of Crown land. It is designed to help find balanced solutions to meet social, economic and environmental needs. It also encourages increased communication and cooperation among various levels of government, interest groups, First Nations and the public. This leads to greater knowledge, understanding and agreement about the social, economic and environmental implications of land and resource use decisions.

The LUP process is often complex and challenging, requiring multi-agency cooperation and significant stakeholder consultation. Strategic LUP provides direction for public land and resources (both coastal/marine and terrestrial) over a defined geographic area. It differs from operational planning which tends to be single-resource focused at the site-specific level. The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) is responsible for land use planning at the regional level; including new plan development to manage Crown land and resources, and maintenance of B.C.'s existing land use planning legacy. However, the Strategic Land and Resource Use Section of CLAD provides an important support role to ILMB and other agencies in the planning process. This role includes:

  • Supporting Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and Land Use Objectives Regulation (LUOR) development and implementation
  • Supporting other LUP policy development, implementation, and maintenance
  • Developing training modules (web-based), guidelines, and policy documents
  • Providing technical advice and support to government, stakeholders, and the public
  • Engaging with First Nations on LUP policy development in the “New Relationship”
  • Tracking the status of land use planning processes throughout the province
  • Managing CLUPE/FIA funding program for ILMB and MAL

For the latest status of land use planning in the province (PDF 280KB) click here.

For more information on provincial strategic land and resource planning go to the ILMB Strategic Land and Resource Planning Website.

Strategic Land and Resource Planning policy procedures and guideline documents can also be found online.