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What is an Agricultural Advisory Committee ? 


Agricultural Advisory Committees (AACs) are an effective way for local governments to link with their farm and ranch communities. An AAC is appointed and functions similarly to other advisory committees of councils or regional boards. A key asset is that the AAC members are predominantly drawn from the farm and ranching community and the committee focuses on agricultural issues. Over 40 local governments have appointed AACs to work with councils and regional boards and their staff. View our current list of AACs.



AAC Activities

Local governments with AACs have access to the advice of knowledgeable members of the farm community in a timely manner, on any issue that might affect agriculture.

Although each AAC functions slightly differently, most advise local governments in two broad areas: day-to-day issues and broader initiatives.


Day-to-Day Issues

  • review proposed bylaws and official plans and rezoning applications
  • advise on applications under the Agricultural Land Commission Act
  • share insight on water supply and drainage issues
  • give feedback on the effectiveness of insect and weed control programs
  • provide input on parks and recreation, transportation, growthmanagement plans and other land use proposals that impact agriculture

Broader Initiatives

  • steer agricultural studies, economic plans, and agricultural area plans to completion
  • assist with implementation of the plans for the agriculture and food sectors
  • assist with the development of agricultural edge policies to enhance land use compatibility
  • advise on the need for and appropriateness of farm bylaws
  • steer studies and reports on farm infrastructure needs
  • propose local government policies related to farming
  • advise on opportunities for joint funding of drainage or irrigation works
  • steer studies on the impacts of transportation corridors and park and recreation proposals
  • raise agricultural awareness
  • assist with farm tours and on-farm visits
  • contribute to Agriculture in the Classroom initiatives


Provincial Support for AACs

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Land Commission support AACs by making knowledgeable personnel available and by sharing information.

  • Staff can be available to attend AAC meetings as non-voting technical resource members.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture hosts biennial AAC workshops. Visit the following webpage for information about previous workshops.
  • This website provides a number of helpful tools for AACs through the AAC Resources page including an inventory of best practices, a model terms of reference, and a sample volunteers’ contract.

Agricultural Advisory Committees brochure



View our brochure containing the information on this webpage.





For more information on AACs, contact the Strengthening Farming program at the Ministry of Agriculture.