Ministry of Agriculture

Farm Practices

British Columbia produces over 200 agricultural and aquaculture commodities - resulting in a very diverse farm sector. To better understand farm practices, one of the early efforts after the implementation of the Strengthening Farming Program was the development of a Farm Practices in BC Reference Guide.

The Guide was updated in 2004 and is an attempt by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands to list and describe many of BC's diverse farm practices in general terms. It also refers the reader to existing government legislation, industry guidelines and other sources of information related to farm practices in BC.

These guidelines are not formal standards, but do describe current practices used by farmers throughout BC. The Guide has been designed to be used by people seeking information related to issues and concerns raised about farm practices. The guide may also be used by the Farm Industry Review Board, the statutory body established under the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act to hear formal complaints about farm practices.

The guide is composed of a series of factsheets on farm practices  and is divided into three categories;

  • commodity specific;

  • farm activity specific; and

  • farm nuisance references on dust, noise, and odour.

The intent of the nuisance references is to provide more detailed information on dust, noise and odour that is referred to in some of the farm practice documents.

Farm Practices in BC Reference Guide