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Trails in Farm and Ranch Areas

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The use of recreational trails is one of the most popular outdoor activities enjoyed by British Columbians and visitors to the province.  Of the thousands of kilometres of trails throughout BC, many go through or along farm and ranch lands.  New trails are continually being planned and developed - many associated with the completion of the Trans Canada Trail system.

As new trails are developed, it is important that they are designed to be compatible with farm and ranching operations. 

Trails in Farm and Ranch Areas


The farm is a workplace and concerns can arise from nearby trails.  The potential for trespass and damage to crops and livestock forage is increased when trails border farm fields or pass through rangeland.  Other concerns include harassment of livestock, gates left open and theft or vandalism. 

However, trails and farming can co-exist.  Various tools can be used to effectively address most situations- see Design Solutions.

To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment when on a trail in farm or ranch areas, some common sense "rules" have been developed and are highlighted in Pics and Tips.


Trail Guide

For detailed information on planning, design, development and maintenance of trails near agricultural lands, a detailed Trail Guide has been developed (updated 2005).

A Guide to Using and Developing Trails in Farm and Ranch Areas (Table of Contents), has links to the individual chapters. 

For viewing/printing the entire Trail Guide a link to the complete book (PDF 12MB) is also available.

Trails through Agriculture Areas brochure



Complimenting the Guide, a 2-page brochure, Trails through Agriculture Areas has also been completed.  The brochure considers key points for trail users.

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